Sustaining a Virtual Tasting Regime?

by | Jul 29, 2020

The use of craft beverage virtual tastings erupted frantically when the economy closed as producers sought means to engage with potential consumers. And participation was quite active as consumers looked for entertainment during the shutdown and proactively desired to support their local craft beverage producers.  But like most engagement activities, enthusiasm wanes over time, and producers must continue to entice consumers to join these virtual tastings.  Particularly if craft beverage producers choose to continue this means of social engagement once the economy re-opens.

This post will illustrate several best practices that the BevFluence team has drafted as well as ideas for attracting sustained participation. These practices are generally equivalent across all craft beverage industries with only minor deviations between them. And the tips provide opportunities for producers to attract a larger audience and engagement and sustain this marketing technique.

The loss of tasting room access across the nation means that brands struggled for an alternative. Many haphazard tastings, winemaker events, sales pitches, cocktail classes and promotional sessions all held virtually have clogged the already strained content highways. Be above the fray, and follow these best practices and ideas to take your tastings to the next level.

With so many brands flooding the web with content this will help stand out.

In short, here are some must-haves:

  • Great Video (the aesthetic is important)
  • Great content
  • Incredible delivery
  • Knowledgeable presentations
  • An interesting story
  • Time and energy to promote yourself
  • And… the audience to care

Read the entire article on BevFluence, republished here with permission.