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5 Things to Consider as You Prepare to Reopen

Tasting rooms are reopening across the country, and early signs indicate that consumers are ready to visit. But it’s clear that visits to wine country won’t be the same as they were before the Covid-19 pandemic arrived. With heightened sanitation protocols to social distancing measures, it’s imperative to maintain an atmosphere of relaxation and fun alongside the need to protect the health and safety of winery team members and guests.

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Low Cost Resources That Can Make A Big Impact On Your Marketing

Small production wineries often struggle with a lack of resources, time and money, to accomplish all of their business goals.  Marketing often becomes the area that is neglected-it’s technical, where do you star?  Which platforms to use?  How do you measure success?  Below I have compiled some easy and low cost tools to address these issues.

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Sorting Out The Distribution Maze

Deciding if you need a distributor is essential if you are a small winery. Many successful wineries only sell direct-to-consumer (DtC)—from their tasting rooms and wine clubs—and the profit margins are better. Some wineries have individual relationships with restaurants or retailers. Others are only distributed in their home state and its capital and regional cities.

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