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Webinar: How To Host Engaging Virtual Tastings For Your Winery hosted this free webinar on September 10, 2020 featuring Suzanne and Evan from The Crafty Cask who host virtual tasting experiences for craft makers all over the country. They presented their top tips, technical advice, tools, and best practices to ensure your winery’s virtual events are engaging and set up for success. Learn more and get your own winery featured in their events as well.

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Playback: Ship Wine In Any Season With Liviri Vino!

Learn more about eliminating seasonal weather holds — for good — thermally protective Liviri Vino lets your customers get the premium bottles they want, when they want them. And since the entire container is reusable, say goodbye to single-use styrofoam, cardboard and ice packs for an unparalleled wine-without-waste experience. hosted the webinar on September 3, 2020.

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Video Tutorial: How Wine Professionals Can Build Their Customer Base Through Custom Audiences

Are you ready to finally get in front of people on social media that will likely convert into customers for your wine business?

Well, you can do this by creating Custom Audiences. Today’s digital advertising Laser Lesson — Hosted by Tony Rulli, CEO of Intentional Spark (and advertising guru!) — will walk you through the fundamentals of Custom Audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

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