Webinar: Closing Tasting Room Sales by Elizabeth Slater

Always alert to the best new trends in the wine business, Elizabeth (or “E” as she is widely known) has become the recognized authority on customer engagement and experience-based sales. Her new series of seminars and workshops, tightly focused on these concepts, are now available to wineries and winery associations throughout North America. 

Video Tutorial: How Wine Professionals Can Build Their Customer Base Through Custom Audiences

Are you ready to finally get in front of people on social media that will likely convert into customers for your wine business?

Well, you can do this by creating Custom Audiences. Today’s digital advertising Laser Lesson — Hosted by Tony Rulli, CEO of Intentional Spark (and advertising guru!) — will walk you through the fundamentals of Custom Audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Save the Family Farms Chronicles: Maroon Wines

In 2015, Paul Maroon helped form the Save the Family Farms initiative with the focus on preserving the Napa Valley’s small family vineyards, which are the backbone of the agricultural history of the region.  The key driver behind this is  to ensure that small producers can remain viable and competitive for future generations to come.

Sustaining a Virtual Tasting Regime?

The use of craft beverage virtual tastings erupted frantically when the economy closed as producers sought means to engage with potential consumers. And participation was quite active as consumers looked for entertainment during the shutdown and proactively desired to support their local craft beverage producers.